Piston Ring Compressor

Part ID: 50


Capacity: 2 1/8" - 5"

NSN# 5120-00-250-6055

Audi/VW 2.0L Ring Compressor

Part ID: 850


Includes installation plate

Fits standard bore 82.5 mm

No adjustment required

Sized bore specific

Makes for smooth piston ring installation

No ring compressor adjustment required

Special Usage Compressor

Part ID: PRC10


Used on small engines, outboard motors, and small passenger cars

Adjustable friction brake

Capacity: 1.5" to 3"

Band height: 2"

Piston Ring Compressor

Part ID: 50T


Capacity: 2 1/8" - 7"

NSN# 5120-00-223-8848

Piston Ring Groove Cleaner

Part ID: 571


Removes carbon from ring grooves

2" - 5" diameter pistons

Cutter blade depth adjustment included

Includes standard & metric cutters

Special Usage Compressor

Part ID: RC65


For pistons 3" - 5"

Needs only one adjustment for each size piston

Key adjusts for size, lever does reset

Easy to use self-locking handle

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