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SE Tools is a family-owned manufacturer of quality hand tools for over 80 years.



Our Legacy

The Shaw Family has an 80-year tradition of manufacturing quality specialty mechanics' hand tools in Michigan. You will see from our online catalog that we manufacture a variety of non-powered mechanics' hand tools. We offer tools that repair, inspect and reach & retrieve. We manufacture hand tools for the automotive, security and aerospace industries. We have been operating as a private-brand manufacturer for many customers in Europe, Canada and the USA. We also sell our tools with the "Made in USA" brand to our other customers. Customizing our tools to meet your specific needs is a capability we are proud to promote. We are interested in broadening our business base and making new friends in many new countries. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Our Team

The employees at SE Tools work together as a team toward the common goal of providing a quality product and efficient service to our customers. Everyone at SE Tools is committed to providing products that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.


SE Tools Mission Starts With:

High Quality people that represent integrity and ingenuity

Diverse knowledge with many years of experience

Using custom fixtures and tooling

Capitalizing on a close-knit network making all projects possible

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